Level up the core with EpicLaunchX


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Learning Tracks with Easy, Medium and Hard Levels.


Challenging projects with real-world software development process.

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Complete tasks, earn points, climb up your level and get certified.

Learn tech world at your own pace with guided, bite-sized education that’s effective and fun.

Level up the core with EpicLaunchX

  1. Start Your Journey: Dive into real-world programming tasks, challenges, directly on GitHub, mirroring the actual software development process.

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  2. Contribute and Collaborate: Submit your solutions via pull requests, tackling issues just like a developer in a team, and learn the power of collaboration.

  3. Receive Feedback: Improve your code with feedback from peers and automated tests, mastering best practices in code quality and maintainability.

  4. Experience Team Dynamics: By completing tasks gain a deep understanding of team-based software development, earn points, increase your rank and get certified.

Budget-friendly options for your own good


*Only for early bird

$ 0 /month

Early bird

  • Only access to Easy projects
  • 1 hint per task
  • Limited code quality track
  • Low easy points
  • Access to all tracks only easy projects
  • Unlimited repetition

An excellent choice to be the next Epicer.

$ In Progress...


  • Unlimited access to all levels
  • Unlimited hints
  • Detailed code quality check
  • Certificate of completion
  • More points with hard levels
  • Access to all tracks
  • Unlimited repetition
  • More points, more rank level

Compete with others, show your Epic Launch, shape the Planet of Epicers.

Honoured to be loved by you

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What is EpicLaunchX

A unique place to compete and build projects.

How does EpicLaunchX differ from other platforms?

EpicLaunchX is fun place to learn how to build projects, by competing each other, earning points, etc.

Does EpicLaunchX offer certification

Currently we do not offer any certification of completion, but you can show your GitHub repo as a proof

What kind of terminology we use in EpicLaunchX

Please read here for more information

Discord community

Ideal for small teams and startups beginning to integrate advanced editing features into

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